How Can I Help?

When You Help Less, It’s Hopeless

There are certainly many engineering challenges that face the world with the population rising above 7 billion individuals worldwide.

  • How do we feed 7 billion people?
  • How do we dispose of waste from 7 billion people?
  • How do we save the environment from the carbon footprints of 7 billion people?
  • How do we transport 7 billion people?
india population growth

Our population has already exceeded 7 billion people. How will engineers shape the course of development to sustain growth?

Engineers must be willing to tackle these problems head on or else we will be left to the bickering of global politicians. We want solid solutions, not waving words.

What Can I Do?

Engineering Internship and Volunteer Opportunities

As high school and college students make summer plans, they may be wondering, “What can I do this summer to change the world? To really make a difference?” Students and adults alike should take a look into these four organizations that provide summer opportunities for engineers.


 Engineering World Health Summer Institute

  • Live in a developing country with a host family
  • Duration: 2 months over summer
  • One month of training, one month of service
  • Focus: Install and repair medical equipment
  • Target

-Undergraduate and graduate college students
-Postgraduates or new professional engineers

  • Locations


  • Cost: $7,100 – $7,200

Engineering for Africa

  • Freedom to choose when to travel and which projects best suited to your skills.
  • Project examples: waste management, timber footbridge, construction of learning centers
  • Locations


  • Cost: variable depending on duration;  required to fundraise on own
  • Duration: 1 month to 1 year
  • Target: Students looking to take a gap year. Student or professional engineers.

World Endeavors

  • Volunteer and internship opportunities
  • Seeks to immerse individuals in international cultural experiences
  • Locations:


  • Cost: ~$2,500 per month
  • Target: All 18 and older are eligible to apply. Non-engineering opportunities also available.

Engineers Without Borders

  • Become a member with a local EWB chapter, then work on specific global projects to your chapter
  • Travel abroad with your EWB chapter
  • Locations: Worldwide, dependent on individual chapter
  • See Johns Hopkins EWB for more insight
tip of the iceberg, monica rex

These opportunities are just the tip of the iceberg for engineers to intern or volunteer abroad!

This is just the tip of the iceberg covering the opportunities available for engineers looking for intern or volunteer abroad this summer.

What other awesome engineering summer internships do you know about?


Let me know your thoughts!

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