What is Engineering?

When I tell people that I’m studying biomedical engineering, their first reaction is usually, “What is biomedical engineering?”

I usually describe it as the application of engineering principles. So what exactly is engineering?

I decided to ask some Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering students their opinions on engineering. This was fun for me to do, and I’m excited to share with you what everyone said.

Engineering is…

JHU what is engineering

“solving problems with math and stuff”

JHU what is engineering

“problem solving”

"more math than I thought..."

“more math than I thought…”

Badoi Phan JHU what is engineering

“speaking another language I don’t understand”

JHU what is engineering

“constructional perception”

JHU what is engineering

“Implementation of your dream”


JHU what is engineering

“FUN! :)”

Ariana Cruz JHU what is engineering

“solving other people’s complex problems XD”

Nate Palmquist JHU what is engineering


JHU what is engineering

found after I had left my whiteboard on a seat in the quad…

Andrew Brenner JHU what is engineering


what is engineering


what is engineering

“building things”

Howard what is engineering?

Life = alpha * progress

Matthew Kerr what is engineering?

“The application of basic science





























What do YOU think? What is engineering?


Let me know your thoughts!

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